GENEVA (22 March 2011) – “From security to the freedoms of peaceful assembly and expression, the Government of Bahrain has ignored key human rights commitments made a month ago,” warned Tuesday a group of UN independent experts*. “These promises have been broken, and the authorities have embarked on a path of multiple human rights violations amidst a dramatic deterioration of peace and security in the country.”

“In light of the discrepancies between reality and expectations, the Government’s commitments are in question,” the experts said recalling two official statements in response to condemnations by the UN human rights chief and experts in relation to the crackdown against peaceful protestors: ‘The Government of Bahrain’s immediate priority is to keep peace and security’ and ‘The people are now able to demonstrate freely on the Pearl Roundabout and can continue to do so.’ (more…)

In accordance with Human Rights Council resolution 14/5, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has drafted this questionnaire, the purpose of which is to “…consult States, national human rights institutions, civil society and other relevant stakeholders on the conceptual and practical dimensions of prevention with regard to the promotion and protection of human rights” (operative paragraph 6, A/HRC/RES/14/5).

Please find the questionnaire at this link: http://portal.ohchr.org/portal/page/portal/CivilSocietySection/PreventionSurvey/Questionnaire.doc

Login name: civilsociety_user – Password: CSS3012

Please return it by 25 March 2011 to vlozano@ohchr.org


Special Rapporteur Margaret Sekaggya will submit three reports at the 16th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva: